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Vivid Sydney: light work for Sydney to reflect on itself

25 May 2016admin

Vivid Sydney 2015, Media Preview at Customs House 21/5/2015.
Photo Credit - James Horan/Destination NSW

The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) is transformed into a huge canvas on which the energy of the creative process is playfully explored. Together, the artists create an illusion that the façade is actually being carved, painted, cut and brushed.

The installation is a collaboration between Western Sydney artist Huseyin Sami and the Paris-based artistic collective Danny Rose.

Sami’s focus is to explore ideas associated with the material nature of paint and the process of making art. Danny Rose has brilliantly captured Sami’s ‘performance’ in making art, including his choreographed and expressionistic gestures and movements. To create the projected artwork the French company has used a wide range of animation techniques, including three-dimensional animation, motion design, stop motion and edited video footage. The installation is further enhanced by sound design and music, which both work in perfect synchronicity with the visuals to provide a true synaesthetic (multi-sensory) experience.

Each night the audience experiences a constantly morphing contemporary art installation-performance that gives a sculptural dimension to the museum architecture and utterly changes perceptions of the volume and depth of the building's mass.

Huseyin Sami’s practice to date has been based on pursuing a consistent line of experimentation to illustrate the ways that painting can capture ideas of time, action and process.

Danny Rose is a multidisciplinary art-and-design team based in Paris that specialises in creating and realising supersized audiovisual shows, multimedia experiences, architectural mapping and interactive installations, including events, theatre, music, museum design, opera and light festivals. They recently received the Judges Choice Award at the Digi Award 2015 for their innovative use of technology and mass audience engagement at Vivid Sydney 2014, as well the AEAF silver Award 2015 for Vivid Sydney 2015.