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About LukyStudio

Lukystudio was established in 2009 and since opening we have proudly achieved a reputation as the specialist professional photography expert. The photo studio situated in CBD, Sydney, with 24/7 parking across the road.

Throughout the years, we are dedicating in providing first-class services and producing professional products for our customers.More than just a photographic studio, we provide competent support in all areas of business and personal needs with our comprehensive ranges of services: per-wedding, wedding, business & events photography, portrait photography, Videography (pre-wedding & wedding), baby photography. We will customise your needs, as we are always taking care of our customers.

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Luky Chen

Luky is the founder and the chief photographer of Luky Studio. He was born in an artist family, Shanghai, China. Under the influence of his father, Luky was given by an unique sense of taste. Luky then moved to Sydney for his career in photography/video production, and soon gained his ground among photographers in Sydney.

Luky’s casual life style and his Afro-like hairstyle all tells about his pursue towards freedom as an artist in life, as he believes that art comes from live. He also believes that photography is just like sketching that requires unedited, instinctive composition in one go.

Throughout the years in Australia, Luky’s photography works have been continually improving, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

“For me, innovation means challenge, and challenge is a way for  me to free myself from bounds. I will keep moving forward into the wider world, for it is something I cannot miss in my life.”